Cody and Lauren Engagement:: Gatlinburg, TN

Last week, I (and my sweet boyfriend Dylan) had the pleasure of traveling to TN with our very best friends, Lauren and Cody! We decided it would be a great time for their engagement pictures. What is better than big ol' pine trees and mountains? NOTHING! 

If you're wondering about their love all started in the 2nd grade. Haha, JK. Lauren had a major crush on Cody all throughout elementary school..but Cody wasn't feeling it apparently. Lauren and myself, looked like straight up little boys from 4th grade until about 6th grade. Lauren and I went to separate schools from Cody until high school. They reconnected (their moms have been teaching at the same school for forever) and went to a homecoming dance together. The rest is history and they have been dating FOR FOREVERRRRR.

I am soon excited to watch my best friend since second grade walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams! For now, here's a little look at our adventure in TN. It involved falling down a steep embankment, standing on the land of a burnt down cabin, driving up REALLY steep hills, and getting some pretty amazing shots. Enjoy!




Allison and Chris :: Engagement Shoot

We headed to KS early in the morning to take Allison and Chris' engagement pictures this past weekend. We met them at a the Arboretum Park in Overland Park and it was SO gorgeous. Allison and Chris met at a country music festival several years back and have been together ever since. We love them both so much! So excited watch them become one forever next fall. In other news, Allison is headed to Italy with her momma and we wish them safe travels and loads of fun!


Tracey and Steve:: Early Fall Engagement

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my momma and her new boo-thang's engagement pictures! We set out to a park that is pretty new. I don't remember the name of it-but it was gorgeous! It is out Route B by the new elementary school. The lighting was pretty perfect and they are pretty perfect--so it was a breeze.  Here's to a lifetime of love, adventures, and welcoming Steven into our crazy family!


"You're holy, holy, holy, holy
I'm high on loving you, high on loving you"





Columbia Country Club Love Story

Brynn and Jesse celebrated their beautiful wedding at the Columbia Country Club this past Saturday. Their day was very relaxing from start to finish! We headed over to the club around 2:00 PM and walked into the girls nibbling on some food, drinking, and putting on their makeup. The guys were in another room playing pool, drinking, and watching the Mizzou football game. The ceremony was held on the "event lawn" at the Country Club at 5PM where family and friends gathered to witness the love! It was sunny and gorgeous. The ceremony was short, sweet, and filled with emotions.  

Guests headed inside while we stole Brynn and Jesse for some one-on-one shots. We took a golf cart around the course (which was much larger than we thought) and found some perfect spots. The sun was starting to set at this time, so the lighting was awesome. We love this time for the bride and groom because they are able to be by themselves (besides us) and take in everything that just happened. After we got the shots we needed, we headed back inside to get the party started! 

The reception started with dinner (which was delicious) and then speeches by the best man and maid of honor were delivered. The speeches were some of the best we had ever heard filled with love, tears, and laughs.  Special dances were followed and then the party REALLY started. The music was bumpin' and people were loving it. 

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Crane for letting Graceful Owl Designs be a part of your big day <3. We wish you all a lifetime of happiness and can't wait to see your family grow. 


Emma + Dylan